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Ph.D. Supervised
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Biswash Study and Development of Location Management Scheme for Wireless Networks
Dr. Prem Nath Study & Development of Efficient Mobility Management Schemes for Communication Networks
Dr. Mahua Banerjee Efficient Model Driven Development Tech. using Aspect & Feature Oriented Programming
Dr. Dharavath Ramesh Study and Approach to Integrating Agreement Protocols in Distributed Database Processing Systems
Dr. Mohd. Naseem Study & Development of QoS Routing Protocols for MANET
Dr. Dhirendra Kr. Sharma Study and Development of Routing Protocols for Ad Hoc Networks
Dr. Praveen Lalwani Study and Investigation of Routing Protocols for Wireless Networks using Soft Computing.
Dr. Siba Mishra Efficient Cost Estimation & Testing Approaches for SOA-based Systems.

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