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Vision                                                        Mission

           To be a nationally and internationally acclaimed premier      à   To  educate  and  train  manpower  in  various
           institution of higher technical and scientific education with     disciplines  of  engineering  and  technology,
           social  commitment  having  an  ethos  for  intellectual          management, applied sciences and applied arts
           excellence, where initiative is nurtured, where new ideas,        at  the  graduate,  postgraduate  and  research
           research  and  scholarship  flourish,  where  intellectual        levels;
           honesty is the norm and from which will emerge the leaders    à   To  foster  the  creation  of  new  and  relevant
           and  innovators  of  tomorrow  in  the  realm  of  technology.    technologies in the areas of its core competency
           While serving as a catalyst in a developing society, its goal     and  to  transfer  them  to  industry  for  effective
           as one of the premier technology education institution in         utilization.
           the country would be to intimately involve itself not just in
           the technological development of the Nation but indeed in     à   To  participate  directly  in  the  planning  and
           its overall development.                                          solving of engineering and managerial problems
                                                                             of relevance to Indian industry and to society at
                                                                         à   To develop and conduct continuing education
                                                                             programmes  for  practicing  engineers  and

                                                                                       Present status:
                                                                                       IIT (ISM)
                          2012                              2016                       Dhanbad

                                                                                       18 Departments

                                                                                       7648 Students

             Identified by the

             Planning Commission                                         à   To develop strong collaborative and cooperative
                                                                             links with private and public sector industries
             for Conversion to IIT                                           and government user departments.
                                                                         à   To  develop  comprehensive  and  intimate
             16 departments                                                  interaction with premier academic and research
                                                                             institutions  within  the  country  and  abroad  for
             3888 Students                                                   mutual benefit.
                                                                         à   To develop programmes for faculty growth and
                                                                         à   To  anticipate  the  technological  needs  of  the
                                                                             nation, and to plan and prepare to cater to them.
                                                                         à   To interact with the community/society at large
                                                                             with  a  view  to  inculcate  in  them  a  feel  for
                                                                             scientific  and  technological  thought  and
                                                                         à   To develop the region in which the Institute is
                                                                             located  through  community  development
                                                                             programmes including training and education.

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