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Message from the



                                                     Dear Recruiter,
                                                     “It is our constant endeavour, to provide knowledge based
                                                     technological services to satisfy the needs of the society
                                                     and  industry  and  thus  help  in  building  our  national
                                                     potentiality in technology and research for development of
                                                     the country.
                                                     We are in the quest of international standards of excellence
                                                     in all our endeavors and we aim at creating a complete
                                                     personality  in  our  students,  professionally,  socially  and
                                                     morally. The residential campus helps us in achieving this
                                                     goal by providing academic liberty to innovate and come
                                                     out with novel ideas. I am sure that the industries will be
                                                     benefited from these young and lively minds.
                                                     Our placement office is well equipped with the facilities
                                                     that are required for smooth conduct of recruitment activity
                                                     and I am sure that our students will find a best place of
                                                     placement/internship  of  their  choice  through  your  kind
                                                     Best Regards,

                                                     Dr. Chiranjeev Kumar
                                                     Professor – in – Charge, Training & Placement
                                                     Indian Institute of Technology
                                                     (Indian School of Mines), Dhanbad

                                            INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (INDIAN SCHOOL OF MINES) DHANBAD     03
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