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                                                                          Academics and events apart, the institute has been
                                                                          a pioneer when it comes to serving the society. From
                                                                          assisting the underprivileged children for bringing
                                                                          them  into  mainstream  education  and  also  drive
                                                                          Clean and Green Environment in and around the

                                                                          Kartavya  provides  education,  nutritious  diet  and
                                                                          medical  help  to  children  of  poor  and  tribal
                               400                                        community.


                               200                                        Karma  Jyoti  runs  several  educational  centers  for
                                                                          poor children of underprivileged communities.

                                                                          Fast Forward India is involved in providing health
                                 0                                        care  facilities  to  nearby  areas  of  IIT(ISM)  and
                                   Dec 15  Jan 16  Mar 16  Aug 16  Oct 16  Dec 16  organizes blood donation camps regularly.

                                  Recent Blood Donation Camps

                                                                          Samitra  is  involved  in  social  care  of  poor  and
                                                                          underprivileged people, and organizes “PARIVESH -
                                                                          clothes for charity” program regularly.

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