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                                                         IIT (ISM) Student's Society is a body representing students of
                                                         IIT (ISM) Dhanbad. The student society aims to strengthen and
                                                         foster its roots deeper among the student community. It is by
                                                         far  the  best  step  to  spot  heterogeneity  in  an  engineering
                                                         campus.  Student  Society  has  set  higher  and  higher
                                                         benchmarks in multifarious domains.

                                                          Cultural, Scientific
                                                          and Literary Society          Music
                                                          (CSLS)                        Society


                                                          Chayanika                    Cyber
                                                          Sangh                        Society

                                                                                      Apart  from  these  societies,  there
                                                                                      a r e   o t h e r   s o c i e t i e s   l i k e :
                                                                                      Departmental  Societies,  National
                                                                                      Service Schemes (NSS), Yoga etc.


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