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Research &                                                  Student

            Industry Interface

            The institute has a legacy of pursuing advanced research
            in  the  frontier  areas  of  engineering,  science  &      Chapters
            management. The growth witnessed in this front has been

                                                                        The student chapters organizes various events including
            Year    Amount in Crore `
                                                                        talks,  workshops,  coding  competitions,  designing
             2010-11           21.98
                                                                        competitions  and  many  other  technical  and  literary
             2011-12              27                                    events covering various areas to excel and cater to the
             2012-13             32.95                                  needs  of  student  and  industry.  Student  chapters  are
             2013-14               59.34                                generally designed to allow students to get more involved
                                                                        and  offer  them  opportunities  in  leadership,  social
             2014-15                 63.8
                                                                        responsibility, citizenship, volunteerism, and placement.
             2015-16                   93.64
                                                                        The major objective of a student chapter is to enhance
             2016-17                               124.34               professional  ideals,  standards,  instructional  methods,
            Research & Industry Sponsored Projects                      practices & managerial acumen. It brings about effective
                                                                        linkage  between  technical  institutions,  industry  and
                                                                        society and help in formulating the general goals and
            Year    Amount in Crores `
                                                                        responsibilities of technical education. The working of all
             2010-11             6.19                                   the student chapters present in the campus has been top-
             2011-12            5.99                                    notch.
             2012-13                10.96
             2013-14                   13.27
             2014-15                      15.86
             2015-16                          16.29
             2016-17                                 17.5
            Endowment Fund of Chair Professors

            Industry-Institute Interaction
            Facilities (IIIF)

            To strengthen the collaboration with industry, the institute
            has  established  three  Industry-Institute  Interaction
            Facilities (IIIF) with the following main objectives:
            à    To interact with the industries for solving real-life
            à    To  update  the  knowledge  and  skills  of  working
            à    To  facilitate  student  placements,  important
                 meetings, recruitment of teachers, etc.

              IIIF Kolkata
              NBCC Centre, New Town, Rajarhat, Kolkata

              IIIF New Delhi
              NBCC Centre, Okhla Phase – I, New Delhi

              IIIF Ranchi
              IIIF with a Geological museum at Ranchi
              with the support of Govt. of Jharkhand

            14  PLACEMENT BROCHURE 2017-2018
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