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          The Office of International Relations and Alumni Affairs (IRAA)
          oversees  and  coordinates  all  international  activities  of  the
          institute. It includes developing and defining relationships and
          collaborations with foreign universities for education and research
          programs, managing student and faculty exchange programmes
          with  partner  institutions,  interfacing  with  embassies  and
          consulates  of  various  countries  to  increase  educational  and
          cultural  linkages  and  administer  foreign  language  courses  for
          students and staffs.
          The globally acclaimed education at the institute prepares the
          international  students  for  exciting  careers  all  over  the  world.
          Growth of International students at campus is presented below:

                05          06           06         47             51              68               83
                Year         Year        Year        Year            Year            Year             Year
              2010-11      2011-12     2012-13     2013-14         2014-15         2015-16          2016-17

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