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                 4 Year               5 Year               3 Year               2 Year           Programmes

                   B.Tech.            Dual Degree          M.Sc.Tech.            M.Tech.         Ph.D. & Post-Doctoral

                                   Integrated M.Tech.        M.Tech.               MBA

                                                         Executive MBA            M.Sc.

            B.Tech Programmes                               M.Tech Programmes                       MBA
            Chemical Engineering                            Chemical Engineering
            Civil Engineering                               Computer Science & Engineering          Specialization
            Computer Science & Engineering                  Earthquake Disaster, Hazards & Mitigation  Marketing
            Electrical Engineering                          Electrical Engineering                  Operations
            Electronics & Communication Engineering         Electronics & Communication Engineering  Finance
            Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering       Engineering Geology                     Human Resources
            Engineering Physics                             Environmental Science & Engineering
            Environmental Engineering                       Fuel Engineering                        M.Sc.Tech
            Mechanical Engineering                          Geomatics
            Mineral Engineering                             Industrial Engineering & Management
            Mining Engineering                              Mechanical Engineering                  Applied Geology
            Mining Machinery Engineering                    Mineral Engineering                     Applied Geophysics
            Petroleum Engineering                           Mineral Exploration
                                                            Mine Electrical Engineering             Ph.D &
            Dual Degree Programmes                          Mining Machinery Engineering            Post
                                                            Mining Engineering                      Doctoral
            B.Tech & M.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering
                                                            Open Cast Mining                        Fellowship
            B.Tech & M.Tech in Mineral Engineering
                                                            Petroleum Engineering
            B.Tech & M.Tech in Mining Engineering                                                   All Departments
                                                            Petroleum Exploration
            B.Tech & M.Tech in Petroleum Engineering
                                                            Power Electronics & Electrical Drives
            B.Tech in Mineral Engineering with MBA
                                                            Power System Engineering
            B.Tech in Mining Engineering with MBA
                                                            RF & Microwave Engineering
                                                            Structural Engineering
            Integrated M.Tech Programme
                                                            Tunneling & Underground Space Technology
            Mathematics & Computing
                                                            M.Sc. Programmes
            Integrated M.Sc.Tech Programmes
            Applied Geology                                 Mathematics & Computing
            Applied Geophysics                              Physics

            10  PLACEMENT BROCHURE 2017-2018
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