R&D Collaborations

1. India-Netherland JRP

Design of novel bi-functional gold-Ti- and Fe-modified zeolite functional materials for the catalytic oxidation of hydrocarbons.

  1. The project is funded by Funded by DST, Govt. of India and NWO, The Netherlands.
  2. The Participating Institutes/Labs are:
    • Indian School of Mines, Coordinating Institute
    • Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherland
    • National Chemical Laboratory, Pune
  3. Project Coordinator: Dr. Biswajit Chowdhary, Dept. of Applied Chemistry
  4. Total financial outlay : 86 lakhs (to ISM)
  5. Duration 4 years : July 2013-June 2017

2. BASF India Limited

BASF India Limited has signed an MOU for research & development collaboration in the field of Construction Chemicals in Civil and Mining Construction Projects, Curriculum development, Lectures on advanced technologies and Case Studies. To know more, Click here...

3.Sandvik-AB, Sweden

Sandvik AB, Sweden is collaborating in the field of Rock Excavation and Allied Aspects involving the following departments:

  • Mining Engineering
  • Mining Machinery Engineering
  • Mineral Engineering
  • Environmental Science & Engineering

International Collaborations

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International Research Collaborations

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