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Spreading of educational opportunities across the globe has been the thrust area in most of the educational institutions today. The number of international students and their diverseness also has become one of the key parameters for global ranking of an institution. IIT(ISM),Dhanbad has started promoting this cause steadily and has initiated a new functional area, i.e. International Relations & Alumni Affairs (IR&AA). Through this, IIT(ISM) strives to enter into international collaborations, exchange of faculty members/students between reputed universities abroad apart from opening a communication channel with esteemed alumni. The alumni are the strengthening pillars of an institute. The indomitable support of our alumni has brought glory to their Alma Mater with carving an alcove for themselves in the world at large. IR&AA is dedicated to bring together the alumni community on a common platform to build another channel of personal and professional support to students, faculty members and the institute. Apart from serving as a base for information about the alumni, IR&AA initiates programs and organizes events important to alumni (BASANT, IMC), their alma mater, and thus works to bridge the gap between IIT(ISM) and its esteemed alumni community. I seek support of all stake holders for taking IIT(ISM) to new heights.


Prof. Arvind Kumar Mishra

Professor & Associate Dean

International Relation & Alumni Affairs


In विष्णुपुराण (Viṣṇu Purāṇa) it is envisaged that “तत्कर्मयन्न बन्धाय सा विद्या या विर्ुक्तये”, “tatkarma yan na bandhāya sā vidyā yā vimuktaye”. It means that - that (tat) is 'work' (karma), which (yat) is not (na) for the bondage (bandhāya), that (sā) is 'knowledge' (vidyā), which (yā) is for the liberation (vimuktaye). IIT(ISM) believes in achieving liberation through academic excellence in the international domain through effective participation and collaboration. Our relentless endeavour is to provide knowledge based technologically enhanced research and services to fulfil the needs of the society and the industry and thus support in edifying our national potentiality in technology and research for the progress of the country. I have been truly privileged to be able to play several roles – as a student, alumnus, faculty and now as Associate Dean – IR & AA, hence, the opportunity to see the Institute from various facets. We must awake and arise to attain the international standards of distinction in all scenarios and we intend to create an unequivocal personality in our students professionally, socially and morally. The residential campus helps us in attaining this goal by providing academic liberty, equality and fraternity to resurrect out of the cocoon and emerge with innovative ideas. I am unquestionably convinced that the country as whole and the industries in particular will be benefited from these young and energetic minds.

Our Priorities and Goals are:




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