Student Mentorship Programme

ISM has a strong alumni base with our alumni carving a niche for themselves in whichever field they are working in and at whichever place they are settled. The ?Student Alumni Mentorship Programme? is being initiated with the aim to inspire, inform, guide, encourage and nurture the young student(s) thereby making a profound difference on their life and become a vital part of strengthening student success

This program will aim at enhancing alumni network within the institution and betterment of student interaction with the veteran alumni. Among our primary goals, one is to provide students with career guidance and help them make decisions in their future endeavors, which initiated the idea of Student-Alumni Mentorship.

The program will primarily focus on:

It is designed to help current students cultivate a network of contacts in the professional community. Through mentorship, students have the opportunity to engage in meaningful career and personal growth exploration with experienced and knowledgeable alumni. At the same time, alumni have the opportunity to give back meaningfully to their alma mater by helping today?s generation of students reach their personal and professional goals. The alumni also have the opportunity to network, interact, exchange ideas, and share experiences while building skills for success.

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