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Basant - Celebrating the precedent

Basant is the annual alumni re-union of ISM Dhanbad, Where the stars of the show were, at one time, the organizers of the show. The re-union is one of the most emotional times of the ISM calendar specially so for the Alumni of the ages past who come as close to re-living their summer of 69 as possible even if they are literally 69. The festival also infuses a sense of goodwill amongst a larger community comprising of students, teachers and alumni with their family members. The day usually starts with sports in the morning culminates with the grand dinner for more than 4000 heads sandwiched between the two are working lunch, assembly, fellowship, fete , entertainment programmes , and also a general meeting of the ISM alumni association. The event is sponsored by recognized enterprises varying from fast-food to manufacturing. The Alumni are presented with new souvenirs to mark their recollection of old souvenirs and one of most important parts is the interaction of alumni and the freshers, With the alumni visiting the hostels they once acquainted and recollecting the reminiscences of their splendid past. There will also be awards given to alumni based on their profiles ensuring that their Alma matter understands and recognizes the efforts of its children because that?s what the event is all about in a nutshell, recognizing the maternal bond the institute forms with the student and cherishing it.

Basant Samman Awards 2013

Basant Samman was awarded to luminaries who served the industry, academia and research on 03.02.2013. The recipients are:

Basant Samman Awards 2014

Basant Samman was awarded to luminaries who served the industry, academia and research. The recipients are:

Distinguished Alumnus Awards 2013

Distinguished Alumnus Awards were awarded to ISM alumnus for their exemplary contributions to the industry, academia and research on 03.02.2013. The recipients are:

5th Indian Mineral Congress & Exhibition, IMC 2013

The theme of IMC 2013 was ?Sustainable Mineral Development Integrating CSR and Ecological Restoration: Vision 2050.?

IMC 2013 was organized by ISM Alumni Association in association with Indian School of Mines, Bharat Coking Coal Limited, Directorate General of Mines Safety and Central Institute of Mining & Fuel Research, Dhanbad on 2nd February 2013 with a focal point on issues related to the integration of need based CSR and ecological restoration for sustainable development of mineral resources with a vision 2050 and beyond.

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