Bidders interest in attending pre-bid meeting for Laundry Services at IIT(ISM), Dhanbad for Students, Faculty and Staff - File No. DSW-Hostel-Ins-427-19-20 dated 27.05.2020 may send mail to by 03.07.2020 upto 10.00 am

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GSTIN of IIT (ISM), Dhanbad - 20AAAAI0686D1ZA

ID Tender Number Category Brief Requirement For Detail Last Date and Time
5693 Chemical- PRJ-386-19-20 Corrigendum-I Purchase Extension of submission date, Pre bid meeting date and change in specification of the High Pressure Gasification reactor set ups with fluidization transport and entrained bed systems and chemical looping gasification facility Click 10/08/2020 01:00
5692 CC-INS-004-20-21 Corrigendum-II Purchase Extension of submission date and change in terms and conditions and compliance sheet; point no. 08 (page no. 19 of previously NIT) Click 24/07/2020 06:00
5691 Maint-958014-20-21 Civil Renovation work of 2nd floor of Old Library for making office of Dean (R&D) Click 16/07/2020 01:00
5690 Maint-Ren-Elect-958014-20-21 Electrical Electrical Renovation at 2nd floor of old Library Building for Dean (R & D) office. Click 16/07/2020 01:00
5689 Maint-952011-20-21 Electrical Arrangement of Emergency Power from existing DG Sets to residents of IIT(ISM) (Teachers Colony, UGC Colony, C Type Qtrs. near Main Gate, 150 Type –IV Qtrs. and Staff Colony. Click 16/07/2020 01:00
5688 Corrigendum Maint-952200-19-20 Electrical Annual rate contract (ARC) for Air conditioners (ACs ) and water coolers. Click 15/07/2020 01:00
5687 Corrigendum Maint-958330-19-20 Civil Construction of a new washroom for UG PG Lab in the back side of GJLT Hall Click 13/07/2020 01:00
5686 Corrigendum Maint-958328-19-20 Civil Providing & fixing of aluminium glazed window shutter at Workshop Click 13/07/2020 01:00
5685 Corrigendum-Maint-958333-19-20 Civil Dismantling of Old one storied building near area Shiv Mandir IIT (ISM) Click 13/07/2020 01:00
5684 Maint-952009-20-21 Electrical Shifting of Power Supply from inside to outside of old Library Building. Click 16/07/2020 01:00
5683 Maint-952007-20-21 Electrical Earthing for Vertical CNC Machining Centre at Central Workshop. Click 16/07/2020 01:00
5682 Maint-952004-20-21 Electrical S/fixing of Starter Panel with S/laying of 4 core X 16 Cable for Coil Cooler of 1010kVA DG Set at Substation no.-1. Click 16/07/2020 01:00
5681 Maint-952003-20-21 Electrical Lifting, Lowering and repairing of 01 HP Submersible Pump for Deep bore of Oval Garden, 5 HP Submersible Pump for Deep bore of Jasper and Rosaline Hostel, 15HP Submersible Pump for Deep bore of Bansbagan near STP -1, 10HP Mono Block Pumps...... Click 16/07/2020 01:00
5679 Maint-952018-20-21 Electrical Annual rate contract (ARC) for day –to- day electrical maintenance work at IIT(ISM) Campus. Click 15/07/2020 01:00
5678 Maint-952200-19-20 Electrical Annual rate contract (ARC) for Air conditioners (ACs ) and water coolers. Click 15/07/2020 01:00
5672 CC-INS-004-20-21 CORRIGENDUM Purchase Extension of due date for 1 Gbps (1:1) managed internet bandwidth for Link-1 at IIT(ISM), Dhanbad for five years Click 15/07/2020 03:00
5670 CIIE-PRJ-408-19-20 Corrigendum-II Purchase Extension of date for submission of bids for Supply and Installation of Linux Workstation Click 13/07/2020 01:00
5666 CIIE-PRJ-375-19-20 Corrigendum-II Purchase Extension of date for submission and Opening of Bids Supply and Installation of Auto CAD 2020 and Autodesk MAYA software - 10 Nos.for each. Click 13/07/2020 01:00
5613 LIB-INS-017-20-21 Purchase One year subscription to e-resource for the library users of IIT (ISM) Dhanbad Remark-removed vide mail dated 22-06-2020 from Click 21/07/2020 01:00
5608 DSW-Hostel-INS-427-19-20 Purchase Laundry Services at IIT ISM Dhanbad for Students Faculty and Staffs Click 20/07/2020 01:00
5603 DSW-INS-391-19-20 Corrigendum Purchase Extension of due date for Supply, Install, Test and Commissioning of IP Camera PoE Switches, VMS (Videos Management Software), VMS server, UTP Cables, wall mount racks, patch panel etc. Click 15/07/2020 01:00