Department of Petroleum Engineering

Research Activities

The research programs in the department have made many significant contributions in advancing technologies relevant to oil and gas industries. The Dept. has undertaken various R & D project in the area of Reservoir Engg., EOR, Formation damage, Hydraulic fracture, Applications of polymer, Environment assessment & impact in Oil Industries, Drilling fluids and Gas hydrate. The department is confident that its research efforts will continue to make even more significant contributions to the industry in the near future. The department has also established rapport with the institutes and universities in India and abroad. It has established such collaborative programme with universities like Kansas University, USA, University of Fairbanks, Alaska, USA, Imperial College of Science & technology, London, Heriott-Watt University, U.K., University of Miskolc, Hungary etc.


The Dept. of Petroleum Engineering Faculty and graduate and post graduate students conduct research in the following areas:

• Reservoir Simulation

• Gas Hydrates

• Environmental assessment & impact in the Oil Industry

• Characterization of Crude oil

• Drilling Fluids

• Development of Computer Software

• Polymer Synthesis and Characterization

• Profile Modification

• Drilling Fluids

• Characterization and Separation of Oil-Water Emulsion

• Development of Novel Fracturing Fluid

On-going R&D Projects:

• Efficient extraction of Hydrocarbon resources (SAP Phase-II)- funded by UGC-SAP: Coordinator: Prof. S. Laik and Prof. V.P. Sharma.

• Study the variation in rheological properties of Indian waxy crude oils using organic polymers- funded by UGC. Coordinator: Dr. Vikash Mahto.

• Optimization of alkaline-surfactant-polymer (ASP) flooding for enhanced oil recovery – funded by CSIR. Coordinator: Dr. Ajay Mandal

• Synthesis of surfactant based hydrofracturing gel- funded by CSIR. Coordinator: Dr. Keka Ojha

• Experimental studies, modeling and simulation of polymer gel system for profile modification in petroleum reservoir rock- funded by CSIR. Coordinator: Dr. Vikash Mahto.

Completed R&D Projects:

• Prepration of Synthetic Core- funded by ISM-UGC.

• Numerical Simulation of In-situ Combustion in Petroleum Reservoirs- funded by ISM-UGC.

• Gel System Development Using Polyacrylamide & Environmental Friendly Crosslinker In Reservoire Rocks- funded by UGC.

• Studies of Effectiveness of Flotation Cell In Oil Removal From Oil Field Waste Water- funded by ISM-UGC.

• Characteristics Of Naturally Occurring Surface Active Agents In Indigenous Crude Oil & Their Effect On Reservoire Fluid Flow Enhancement Of Recovery Of Oil-funded by AICTE.

• Study of Corrosion Inhibitor For Structural Steel In Oil Wells – funded by CSIR.

• Development of eco friendly water based oil well drilling fluids with less formation damage- funded by CSIR.

• Development Of Monomer Based Gel System For Profile Modification In Bombay High Oil Field- funded by IOGPT,ONGC.

• Enhanced Oil Recovery Using Grafted Polysaccharides funded by AICTE.

• Efficient Extraction of hydrocarbon resources (SAP-Phase-I)- funded by UGC-SAP.

• Studies on thermal behavior and gel characteristics on an oil based system–funded by DST, GOI

• Studies on thermal behavior and gel characteristics on an oil based system–funded by DST, GOI

• Separation of oil from produced water in induced air flotation column- funded by ISMU.

• Development of surfactant based clean-fracturing gel- funded by ISMU.

• Study the differential sticking behavior of oil well drilling fluids- funded by ISMU.

Present Research Fellow :

• Pradeep Kumar
Area of Research: Studies on formation, characterization and destabilization of oil – in – water emulsion

• Sudha Kumari
Area of Research: Study the variation in rheological properties of Indian waxy crude oils using Organic Polymer

• Jaiprakash Singh
Area of Research: Synthesis of surfactant based hydro fracturing gel

• Abhijit Samanta
Area of Research: Optimization of alkaline surfactant polymer (ASP) flooding for Enhanced Oil recovery

• Baisali Sengupta
Area of Research: Study of performance of ecofriendly polymer for optimization of chemical EOR processes for oil industry

• Vikash Shaw
Area of Research: Effect of extraneous materials on formation and decomposition of gas hydrates

• Upendra Singh Yadav
Area of Research: Experimental Studies, Modelling and Simulation of Polymer Gel System and Profile Modification in the Petroleum Reservoir Rock