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Department of Management Studies

Research Activities

The Department has 33 sponsored research projects funded by various funding agencies like AICTE, MHRD, Hindustan Zinc Limited, ICSSR, UGC, CMPDIL, PDIL, World Bank etc which are given below:
Details of number of sponsored research projects undertaken (completed & ongoing)by the department:

Research Projects Undertaken
SI. NO. Title of the project Sponsoring Agency Project Coordinator
1 Technology Forecasting and Assessment of Fly Ash Utilization in Indian Mining Sector. (Ongoing) DST Prof.K.Mukherjee
Dr. Sandeep Mondal
Prof. P.Sen
2 Developing e-Content for Training and Development Modules for Managerial and Non Managerial Personnel. (Ongoing) MHRD Dr. S.Singh
Dr. Pramod Pathak
3 An Empirical Study of Coal Mining Workers. (Ongoing) UGC Dr. Pramod Pathak
4 Drivers of Rural Entrepreneurship Development in Jharkhand. (Ongoing) UGC
5 Developing a course structure on environmental accounting for management students in India. (Ongoing) UGC Dr. J.K. Pattanayak
Dr. Niladri Das
Dr. Mitali Sen
6 Remanufacturing of Automobiles in India. (Ongoing) UGC Dr. Sandeep Mondal
Prof. K.Mukherjee
7 Drivers of Entrepreneurial success in Jharkhand: An analysis of Socio-Cultural and Psychological dimensions. (Ongoing) ICSSR Dr. Mitali Sen Mr. Niladri Das
8 Development of Model for Determination of Optimum Cut-off Grade for Surface Mining of Metalliferous Ore Deposits. (Ongoing) DST Prof.P.Sen
9 Impact of access to microfinance on women entrepreneurship and empowerment. (Ongoing) UGC Dr.S.Singh
Dr. Mitali Sen
10 Entrepreneurial Motivational Dynamics: A Study of Person-Environment Variables. (Ongoing) ISMU Dr.G.S.Pathak
11 A study on promotion of Jharkhand as a tourism destination. (Ongoing) ISMU Dr.S.Singh
12 The impact of celebrity surrogate endorsements: An Empirical Study. (Ongoing) ISMU Ms.M.Pandey
13 Evaluating the efficacy of micro finance in rural areas of Jharkhand. (Ongoing) ISMU Dr. M.Sen
14 Development of energy source model in Indian perspective. (Ongoing) ISMU Dr.S.Mondal
15 Promoting environment friendly technology management in small scale units – a case study of Jharkhand. (Completed -2007) MHRD Dr. J.K. Pattanayak
Dr. Pramod Pathak
16 Productivity improvement in coal mines. (Completed – 2005) AICTE Prof. Kampan Mukherjee
Dr Chandan Bhar
17 Framework of technology transfer in small scale industry – Imperative and strategies. (Completed – 2004) MHRD Dr. Pramod Pathak
Dr. J.K. Pattanayak
18 Assessment of performance of opencast projects of NCL (Completed – 2003) NCL Prof. Kampan Mukherjee
Dr Chandan Bhar
19 Development of a computerized safety management system for equipment safety – a colliery reporting module. (Completed – 2002) ISM Dr Chandan Bhar
Dr. K. Pathak
20 Manpower planning in tribal regions of Jharkhand area. (Completed – 2002) ISM Dr. P.K. Chakrabarti
21 Techno-managerial evaluation of non-metallic minerals of South Bihar (Completed – 2001) ISM Dr. Pramod Pathak
22 Value relevance of cash flow disclosures: a study of cash flow from operations as assessed by security market effects. (Completed – 2001) ISM Dr. J.K. Pattanayak
23 Socio-economic studies in West Bengal and Bihar mining areas. (Completed – 2000) ICSSR Dr. P.K. Chakrabarti
24 An economic study of Indian steel industry in the wake of changing economic scenario of India. (Completed – 1997) ISM Dr. P.K. Chakrabarti
25 Study habits of students in technical institution of Bihar. (Completed – 1996) ISM Dr. Pramod Pathak
26 Quality and productivity for growth. (Completed – 1995) HZL Prof. Kampan Mukherjee
Dr Chandan Bhar
27 Coal industry in India – a comparative economic analysis of the pre and post nationalization period since the second Five Year plan. (Completed – 1995) UGC Dr. P.K. Chakrabarti
28 Socio-economic studies in Satgram area of ECL. (Completed – 1995) PDIL Dr. P.K. Chakrabarti
29 Economic analysis for development of rational costing and pricing for mineral sector in India – a case study of coal industry. (Completed – 1994) ISM Dr. P.K. Chakrabarti
30 An economic study of coal industry in India (Completed – 1993) UGC Dr. P.K. Chakrabarti
31 Socio-economic studies in Ghusick underground project of ECL. (Completed – 1993) CMPDIl Dr. P.K. Chakrabarti
32 A study of the economic variables of coal industry in India (Completed – 1992) ICSSR Dr. P.K. Chakrabarti Socio-economic studies in Jharia Coalfields (Area I – VII). (Completed – 1990)
33 Socio-economic studies in Jharia Coalfields (Area I – VII). (Completed – 1990) CMPDIl Dr. P.K. Chakrabarti