Department of Petroleum Engineering

PH.D. Programmes

The Department of Petroleum Engineering also registers candidate for Ph.D. degree in Petroleum Engineering on regular and part-time basis. Research Scholars after successfully completing their research work obtain Ph.D. degree from Indian School of Mines. The Dept. has so far produced 20 Ph.D. students and many scholars are actively doing their research on the current issues in oil and gas industries. Main thrust areas in which research is going on:

Reservoir Simulation
Gas Hydrates
Environmental Impact of Petroleum Fluid Operation
Characterization of Crude oil
Development of Computer Software
Polymer Synthesis and Characterization
Profile Modification
Development of Novel Fracturing Fluid
Characterization and Separation of Oil-Water Emulsion

Mode of Entrance: GATE score and Interview, ISM Fellowship Examination.

Course Structure & Detailed Syllabus TO BE IMPLEMENTED FROM SESSION (2019 – 2020)