Department of Petroleum Engineering


Department has state of art laboratories, the one of its kind in the country. The Laboratories are equipped with instruments viz., Long Core Apparatus, PVT Apparatus, Gas Chromatograph, Triaxial Core Holder, Capillary Pressure Apparatus, Cement Consistometer, Displacement Pump, Core Cutting Drill Press, Brookfield Viscometer, Rheometer, Tensiometer E P & Lubricity Tester, HP HT Filter Press, UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, Plate Distillation Column, Ruska Porosimeter, Ruska Air Permeameter, Ruska Liquid Permeameter, Hessler Core Holder, High Pressure Syringe Pump etc.

Reservoir Engineering Laboratory :

This laboratory is equipped with a number of instrument/equipment to measure permeability, porosity, formation resistivity, and relative per¬meability, etc. “Hands on” experiences with simple and sophisticated equipment are provided.

Drilling Fluid and Cementing Laboratory :

This teaching lab provides students hands-on experience in dealing with changing behaviors of drilling fluids. The analysis includes:
• Standard methods for testing drilling fluids
• Colloidal properties of clays
• Filtration properties, effects of treating agents
• Effects of contaminants and chemical treatments
• Solids analysis, HTHP testing, lubricity
• Viscous characteristics and control of properties
• Low water loss, salt water drilling fluids, and alkalinity determination

Product Testing Laboratory :

State-of-the-Art product testing laboratory is having all the modern equipments to measure Specific Gravity/Density, Kinematic Viscosity, Viscosity Index, Ash Content ( by Wt ), Carbon Residue, Sulphur Content, Flash Point, Water Content, Pour Point, Oxidation Test, Foaming Characterstic, Acidity, Reid Vapour Pressure, Evaporation Loss, Asphaltene Content, Trace Metal ( V,Ni,Cu etc in ppm ), Gross Calorific Value (in K. cal/Kg) etc.

Enhanced Oil Recovery Laboratory :

The laboratory is equipped with:
• Reservoir condition waterflood and chemical flood apparatus
• PVT Apparatus
• Gas chromatograph
• Long Core Apparatus
• High temperature/high pressure analysis
• Ruska positive displacement pump

Gas Hydrates Laboratory :

Sophisticated equipment in this lab is devoted to understanding the growth and dissolution of gas hydrate crystals.

Process Engineering Laboratory : :

Modern equipment enables students to evaluate heat transfer coefficient, mass transfer coefficient, on-off control, boundary layer thickness, viscosity measurement and frictional loss, flame propagation, filmwise and dropwise condensation, etc.

Instrumental Analysis & Measurement Laboratory :

In this laboratory the properties of different pure and synthesized fluids are measured by a number of sophisticated instruments like, Rheometer, viscometer, tensiometer, optical microscope etc.

Computer and Simulation Lab :

The Dept. is also having two computational laboratories with sufficient numbers of computers. The Laboratories are rich with more than 20 petroleum engineering software as follows:
• IHS Softwares (20 Network License)
• PERFORM – NODAL analysis, well/flowline optimization
• SubPUMP – Industry’s leading unbiased, vendor-neutral electric submersible pump design and analysis
• Pipesoft-2: Surface network simulator with three solution methods and powerful output visualization
• OilWat®/GasWat® : Comprehensive material balance analysis (conventional and generalized)
• GasLIFT: Easy-to-use design for gas lift
• VolOil/VolGas : Volumetrics, Monte Carlo and estimated recoveries
• PVTLIB : Black oil/compositional properties, over 140 correlations
• RAPTOR : Fast well test analysisEPS Software (single Network license) donated by Weatherford Oil Tool Middle East Ltd.
• Wellflo : well modeling software. Wellflow is an easy-to-use Windows based simulator that calculates pressures, temperatures, flowrates, liquid holdup and velocities in a wellbore. The software is specially designed to help as a diagnostic tool for uncontrolled well situations or to be used in contingency planning for new well.
• MatBal: reservoir analysis and production forecasting
• PanSys: well test analysis

PETROLEUM EXPERT SOFTWARE: (10 network license) :

• PROSPER: Well Modelling and Design
• MBAL: Reservoir Analytical Simulation Version 9
• PVTP : Fluid Characterisation Version 8
• GAP : Multiphase Network Optimisation Version 7
• REVEAL : Specialised Reservoir Simulator & Near Wellbore Reservoir SimulatorRESOLVE:
Integrated Production Controller Version 3


Ecrin v4.0 includes the following softwares:
• Diamant: data management
• Saphir (NL): Pressure Transient Analysis
• Topaze (NL): Production Analysis
• Rubis: Reservoir simulator
• Emeraude: Production logging module