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Department of Management Studies


The Department has four laboratories:

Human Engineering Laboratory
Instruments like Treadmill, Ergometer, ECG Machine, Biomonitor, BP Measuring Instruments, Oxylog, Audiometer, Anthropometer, Skinfold Caliper, Goniometer, Hand Dynamometer, Reaction Time Apparatus, Workplace Environmental Monitoring Instruments etc. are available to facilitate Reaction Time Analysis, Stress Testing, Physical Fitness Test, Antropometric Database generation for design of machine and workplace..
Work Study Laboratory
AInstruments like Work Sampling Simulator, Anemometer, Clinometer, Inclinometer, Dry and Wet Bulb Thermometer, Digital Time Study Board, Digital Stopwatch, 16mm Projector etc. for carrying out Time and Method study for System improvement.

Systems Laboratory
The laboratory contains 38 number of computer terminals with LAN/WAN facility. Internet accessibility in 1 Mbps for 24 hours is available. The laboratory is equipped with softwares like AutoCAD, MATLAB, System Dynamics Software (IGRASP), MS Project, MINITAB, LINDO & LINGO. Financial Databases like Capital Line Corporate Database, Economic Intelligence Unit and Cygnus Portal Database are also available.

Psychology Laboratory
Instruments like Ring Toss, Tower Building/Cube Construction, Ergograph, Tachistoscope, Card sorting Tray with Cards, Human Maze Learning T-shape, Koh’s Block Design Test, etc. are available for Intelligence Testing, Aptitude Measurement, Personality Assessment, Managerial Aptitude Testing, Stress Profile and Employee Behaviour Analysis.