Department of Applied Geology


SI. NO. Name of Equipment Use
1 X-ray Flourescence (XRF) Geochemcial Analyses of Major and Trace Elements
2 X-ray Diffractometer with Texture Goniometer Identification of Mineral Phases
3 Franklin Direct Shear Test Machine Engineering Properties of rocks
4 Linkam Fluid-Inclusion (Geothermometry ) Microscope Themometry of ores
5 Polarising Petrological Microscope (Transmitted light) Mineralogical Studies of Rocks and Minerals
6 PT-600 Sartorius Electronic Top loading Balance Weighing the samples
7 Ruska Universal Porosimeter Engineering Properities of rocks and soils
8 Vibrating Cup Mill Powdering the rock samples
9 Photoautomat Photomicrography of ores, rocks and minerals
10 Universal Model Research Microscope Mineralogical Study
11 Stereo binocular microscopes For micropaleontological studies
12 Several Intel Pentium IV PC Computation work