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Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)

Sexual harassment is widely condemned as a form of human rights violation, an infringement on life and liberty and a grave form of discrimination affront to dignity, gender equality, and fundamental rights. In compliance with the mandate of Supreme Court Judgment, ISM has adopted guidelines & procedures to observe the law on harassment of women in workplace. ISM is committed to providing for all women employees and students of the institution, a place of work and study that is free from sexual harassment, intimidation and exploitation.

IIT(ISM) has constituted a Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) on women affairs comprising the following members to address complaints of such harassment. The Committee will also aim to create general awareness to sensitize the community about gender issues and work towards an enabling environment and conducive atmosphere of gender justice, personal security and dignity.

1. Prof. Keka Ojha, Deptt. of Petroleum Engineering, Presiding Officer
2. Prof. Sheeja Jagadevan, Deptt of ESE, Faculty Member
3. Prof. Sahendra Singh, Deptt of App. Geology, Faculty Member
4. Ms Sukhninder Kaur, AR (M&B), Non-Teaching Member
5. Smt. Nirmala Ray, Technical Superintendent, Non-Teaching Member
6. Shri Chandan Veygray, Founder Samadhan Educatinal Trust, NGO Member
7. Ms. Ainum Ayub Adm No 19JE0074, Student Member
8. Ms. Disha Mewara, Adm No. 20JE0335, Student Member
9. Mr. Harshal Ritwik, Adm No. 20JE0405, Student Member

  • Aggrieved girls/women can post their complaints addressed to the Presiding Officer, or mail to the following e-mail id:
  • Any of the other members of the committee may also be approached through e-mail or telephone call for help in lodging complaints or other related issues
  • Only complaints against sexual harassment will come under the purview of the ICC.
  • The Committee also invites suggestions and ideas from all students, research scholars, employees and their family members in IIT (ISM) to promote gender sensitization activities within the campus.

  • Sexual Harassment is an offence under The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace
    (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal ) Act, 2013 No. 14 of 2013
    Click Here for details of Act