Post Doctoral Fellowship

The Post Doctoral Fellowship (PDF) may be awarded for a maximum period of three years, with initial offer for a period of 1 year extendable on yearly basis on satisfactory progress as certified by the Performance Assessment Committee (PAC). However, on unsatisfactory progress he/she may be terminated.

The selected PDFs will be attached to regular faculty members of the Institute, who will act as mentors. They will be attached to mentors primarily for facilitating their research work. He/she will work with the mentors rather work under them. PDFs will be eligible to serve as co-guides for guiding students enrolled for projects/dissertation work along with their mentors.

Apart from the research pursued by the post-doctoral fellow, his/her services will be utilized by the Department for teaching and research assistance in the departmental work including teaching, evaluation, handling tutorials, laboratory classes and research projects execution.

Apart from research work, PDFs be encouraged to seek external funding by submitting research proposals to different funding agencies.

Advertisement- A rolling advertisement for PDFs, similar to that for faculty positions, may be issued. The application format and other relevant details are to be hosted in the Institute website.

Eligibility PhD holders (within 5 years of completion of Ph.D) with at least two papers (as first or corresponding author) in Journals of repute or SCI/SCIE is eligible to apply.
PhD holders of IIT (ISM) will not be eligible to apply for a period of two years from the date of award of PhD.

Age Maximum 35 years (to be relaxed as per Government of India guidelines).

Application Processing and Interview Applications received by the Office of Dean (R&D) will be forwarded to the concerned Departments Faculty Screening Committee for recommendation. The recommended candidates will be approved by the Central Faculty Screening Committee followed by interview. Such candidates will be reimbursed First AC to and fro fare from their place of stay by the shortest route for attending interview.

Candidates from abroad may be interviewed through Video conferencing /Skype. The composition of the Standing Selection Committee may be as follows:

Selection committee as per the above composition will be proposed to Chairman Senate for approval.

On approval from the Chairman Senate, offers will be sent to the selected candidates by the office of the Dean (R&D).

Amount of Fellowship and other benefits to PDFs

Year Consolidated Fellowship per month (inclusive of all)
1st year Rs. 60,000
2nd year Rs. 60,000+5% increment
3rd year Rs. 63,000+ 5% increment

Progress Report & Performance Appraisal PDFs shall present a progress report every six months to a Performance Appraisal Committee detailing the research work carried out and reprints/preprints/manuscripts of tile papers published/accepted for publication or communicated, patents filed, external funding obtained etc. for this purpose.

The composition of the PAC is follows:

The PAC as per the above composition will be proposed by HOD to Chairman, Senate through Dean (R&D) for approval.

The PAC will meet every six months to assess the performance of the Fellow.

Termination-If the Post Doctoral Fellow wishes to leave the programme before the end of the tenure, he/she can do so with the prior approval of the PAC giving one month’s notice. The fellowship will be terminated by the Institute if the performance/ conduct of the fellow is unsatisfactory after giving one month’s notice to the Post Doctoral Fellow.