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Graphical Abstracts of Recently Published Papers

"Enhanced cooling in compact helical tube cross-flow heat exchanger through higher area density and flow tortuosity."

"Synthesis and Characterization of Zirconia Supported Silicotungstic Acid for Ethyl Levulinate Production."

"Development of stain resistant, superhydrophobic and self-cleaning coating on wood surface."

"FBG Based Respiration Sensing using Arduino Interface."

"Performance and signal integrity analysis of intercalation-doped MLVGNR interconnects. "

"Artificial intelligence-based ANN and MLR model for the forecasting of Trihalomethane (THMs) in drinking water supplies of India."

"Trace element characterization of fine particulate matter and assessment of associated health risk in mining area, transportation routes and institutional area of Dhanbad, India. "

"Wave interaction with a submerged floating tunnel in the presence of a bottom mounted submerged porous breakwater."

"A composite class of estimators to deal with the issue of variance estimation under the situations of random non-response in two-occasion successive sampling."

"Joint strength evaluation of friction stir welded Al-Cu dissimilar alloys."

"Influence of frequency change during sandstone erosion by pulsed water-jet."

"Design Methodology for Cutting Drum, Power Rating and Operational Control of Surface Miner under Varied Rock Conditions."

"A spectroscopic and computational intervention of interaction of lysozyme with 6-mercaptopurine."

"Marigold shaped N-rGO-MoS2-Ni(OH)2 nanocomposite as a bifunctional electrocatalyst for the promotion of overall water splitting in alkaline medium."

"Pr3+ doped BaNb2O6 reddish orange emitting phosphor for solid state lighting and optical thermometry applications."

"A thermoresponsive polymeric composite film using crosslinked β-cyclodextrin embedded with carbon quantum dots as transdermal drug carrier."

"Biopolymeric gel using Glycogen and Glycine."

"Work published in Materials Chemistry Frontiers, 3, 385-393, 2019 was considered as Inside Front Cover of Materials Chemistry Frontiers, Issue 3, 01 March, 2019."

"Imaging Regional Geology and Au – Sulphide mineralization over Dhanjori greenstone belt: Implications from 3-D Inversion of Audio Magnetotelluric data and Petrophysical Characterization"

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