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Faculty Research Scheme

Scholarly research is one of the primary areas of engagement for higher education faculty. It is critical for new faculty members to set a clear and focused research agenda early on so that each of the research activities they engage in moves their research agenda forward in some way.

The newly joined faculty should apply for such grant within the first one year of service in the Institute and who do not have R&D Projects from External Funding Agencies. In return, the Institute has certain expectations from the new faculty members. These are:

a) At least one grant proposal submitted within the first 6-8 months after joining, and independent research funding secured within about a year.

b) Confirmed research productivity in terms of laboratory development and publications as well as guiding of PhD and Masters’ students.

The Project proposal should contain the following:

  1. Cover page mentioning title of the project, name of PI, Department and Date of joining at IIT(ISM), Dhanbad
  2. Project summary
  3. Problem definition
  4. Objectives of the project
  5. Methodology
  6. Expected Outcome and Deliverables of the Project
  7. State of Knowledge (a) International Status (b) National Status (c) Importance of the Proposed Project
  8. Work plan and Time schedule
  9. Financial outlay with justification
  10. References.


All the FRS Projects Investigators are requested to pursue the following terms and conditions while implementing the R&D projects sanctioned to them.

  1. All the PIs should clearly indicate the Project Number allotted to them in all their claims/indents for future reference.
  2. The concerned PIs should indent only for the items which are specified in the project proposals submitted by them. There should not be any deviation in any respect. Any deviation would need prior approval of Dean(R&D) and Director.
  3. All the PIs of FRS projects should avail the same financial powers as approved by competent authority of IIT(ISM) to PIs of external projects of different sponsoring agencies.
  4. The indents costing more than the sanctioning power of the PIs should be raised duly observing IIT(ISM) Purchase Manual procedures and to be submitted to Dean(R&D) for approval/endorsement alongwith a copy of the budget provision. However, if indented items which are within the sanctioning power of concerned PIs, the same may be dealt at the departmental level. Such indents need not be sent to Dean(R&D) for his approval.
  5. All the PIs should submit Half-yearly progress reports (April – Sept, October – March) alongwith the Expenditure Statement through their respective HODs, to Dean(R&D). A presentation of progress every year be made by P.I. to the Department and report be sent to Dean(R&D).
  6. The equipment/instruments which will be procured under these projects should be made accessible to other users, within and outside the Department. Necessary mechanism for extending the facilities at IIT(ISM) will be intimated which is under preparation.
  7. Duration of the project is 3 years.
  8. The concerned PIs are solely accountable for timely and smooth implementation of the project.
  9. Acknowledgement to IIT(ISM) is essential in case of publication/patent.
  10. There is no provision for manpower / secretarial support.
  11. On completion of the project following are to be submitted to the office of the undersigned:
  12. a) Project completion report; b) Utilization certificate and statement of expenditure