Research Main Admissions MIS(Intra) IIT ISM Dhanbad

DST INSPIRE Faculty and any such Faculty.

In order to attract the brilliant young talents at IIT (ISM) and to provide platform for taking-up the cutting edge research following facilities are being provided to be DST INSPIRE Faculty and any such Faculty.

  1. Teaching: To enable such faculties to gain teaching experience and build their career they are encouraged to contribute towards teaching UG, PG and Ph.D. courses. Further, they are to offer new elective courses at UG, PG and Ph. D. levels.
  2. Thesis supervision: They are allowed to supervise research students (Undergraduate, Post Graduate/PhD etc.) as a co-guide. If such faculties are absorbed as regular faculty members, the fellowship holders can act as principal supervisor along with earlier supervisor who in turn can now act as co-supervisor. In case fellowship holders leave the institute before regularization in the host institute, principal supervisor takes the responsibility of guiding the students until completion of Ph.D thesis or the leaving fellowship holder should transfer his/her students to the new migrating institute. Before recommending fellows to any of the above mentioned fellowships by the host institute, this policy must be informed to principal and co-supervisor who are guiding research students taken under the fellows.
  3. Research and office space: Office space for research and discussion, sufficient lab space for experimental/theoretical research along with necessary facilities like office furniture’s, desktop with printer, storage space and any other facilities required for the research of the fellows expertise should be provided.
  4. Medical facilities: Free consultation and medicine, for Inspire Faculty with spouse and their minor children, available at Institute’s Health Centre.
  5. HRA: To be provided with transit accommodation within the Campus on applicable license fee and other user charges.
  6. Leave: Leave facilities at par with regular faculties of IIT (ISM) excluding LTC should be offered.
  7. Research Grants: Fellows will be encouraged to apply for receiving regular research grants through the extramural funding schemes of various science and technology agencies of Government of India and abroad.
  8. Utilization of research grant: As for the faculty members, the selected fellows are independent to work and spend their research grant according to the guidelines of sponsoring agencies. The institute rules should be followed for purchase from research grant, as required by the regular faculty members of IIT (ISM), Dhanbad.