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Summer Research Internship Programme

Under the Summer Research Internship Program (SRIP) for Undergraduate students from IIT(ISM) and other participating institutions undertake short duration, but focused research projects and push their intellectual abilities beyond those driven by the classroom for a duration of 8 weeks.

SRIP Interns are required to give a mid-term presentation after four weeks, to a review committee consisting of a group of academic staff members. The review committee gives feedback and suggests possible improvements in the work. At the end of the program all the SRIP Interns make a poster presentation of the work carried out. The poster presentation is open to the public. It is also evaluated by faculty members. A commendation certificate will be given to SRIP Interns who produce exceptional quality research during the period signed by the mentor and Dean (R&D).

Total number of SRIP Interns will be about 90 per summer which includes Interns under Institute Funded/Project Funded/Self-Financed.

The Non-IIT(ISM) applicants shall be required to pay the non-refundable application fee of Rs. 500/- through Payment Gateway.

  1. Funding from SRIP (Institute Funded): Students working under "Funding from SRIP" only at IIT(ISM) receive a stipend of Rs 10,000/- for 08 weeks duration. Total number of SRIP interns (Institute Funded category) per department is two out of which one will be a NON-IIT(ISM) student.
  2. Funding from IIT(ISM) Project (Project Funded): This will provide an opportunity to the students, to work on projects which will be funded by faculty members of IIT(ISM) to a maximum of Rs. 10000/- for 8 weeks.
  3. Self-Funded: This will provide an opportunity to the students, to work on projects of faculty members of IIT (ISM) but would not be receiving any funding at all.

The application received by Office of Dean (R&D) will be forwarded to SRIP Committee of the Department to recommend the applications. The SRIP Committee of the Department is a three-member committee: Head of the Department as Chairperson, Convener DUGC and One more faculty member from the Department.

Guidelines for selecting the Interns under SRIP

  1. The SRIP committee gives preference to Pre-Final year students.
  2. The candidate selection is based on the CGPA, publications, awards, research proposal, the student's college and letters of recommendation.
  3. Following minimum CGPA criterion will apply
    1. CGPA ≥ 7.5 for IITs/IISc
    2. CGPA ≥ 8.0 for NITs/ IISERs/ NISER/IIEST
    3. CGPA ≥ 8.5 for students of other institutes.
  4. Students with backlog and/or disciplinary action are not eligible.
  5. Maximum one student per faculty can be funded from Institute Funded Category. The number of intern per department will be decided with the following formula: (Total Number of Interns/Total Number of Faculty Members in the institute) * (Total Number of Faculty in the Department). Faculty means all existing faculty who are eligible to guide projects.
  6. The living expenses has to be borne by the Intern.
  7. All NON-IIT (SIM) interns will be issued a temporary institute ID to avail the library, sports, medical, computer centre, internet, and other institute and departmental research and recreation facilities. S/He will be required to abide by the conduct rules of the institute, failing which the internship will be terminated and the intern will be asked to leave.
  8. Applications need to be submitted through an email ( The applications are to be forwarded by the Head of Department stating that there is no backlog and/or disciplinary action against the said student.
  9. Interns will be provided free OPD facility and medicine available in the Health Centre of the Institute. Indoor hospitilazation facility will also be provided in the Health Centre, if necessary.